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Your dream wardrobe now just a slide away

Slide into style with our stunning sliding wardrobes – where functionality meets elegance.

doors for sliding wardrobes
fitted wardrobes with sliding doors
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes
fitted wardrobes with sliding doors
doors for sliding wardrobes
fitted wardrobes with sliding doors

Experience Superior Quality with our Sliding Doors

We take pride in offering you the Bedroom Sliding Doors that combine style and functionality seamlessly. Our sliding doors are designed to elevate your space with ultimate precision and craftsmanship.

Key Features

High-Quality Construction
Crafted using premium aluminum tracks and frames, sliding bedroom doors boast a superior sliding mechanism for a smooth and effortless experience.
Huge selection of different styles
MFC Choose from our 18mm Cut & Edged range or opt for, offering versatile design possibilities. Vinyl Explore a wide range of decors from our vinyl-pressed door collection, ensuring your doors perfectly match your style.
Tailored to Your Space
Our sliding doors are made-to-measure, accommodating heights up to 2400mm and widths up to 1220mm. Larger sizes are available upon request.
Frame Profiles
Choose from three frame profiles - available in Black, Aluminium, or Brushed Pearl finishes
Enhanced Soft Close
Our new and improved soft-close mechanism ensures quieter and smoother door motion, making installation easier and maintenance hassle-free
Versatile Finishes
Choose from over 400 panel finishes to find the perfect style for your space. Customizable Tracks and Frames: Select from three track and frame color options to match your desired aesthetic
Discover our glass panels available in various colors and even mirror options for added elegance.
Our high-quality Senoplast pressed onto MDF panels offers superior gloss levels, delivering a luxurious touch to your space.
Wardrobe Features & Materials


The defining feature of sliding wardrobes is their sliding doors, which glide horizontally along tracks. This design saves space compared to traditional hinged doors that swing open.
Sliding wardrobes can be customized to fit the available space and meet your storage needs. You can choose the number of doors, the size of compartments, and interior fittings like shelves, drawers, and hanging rods.
Many sliding wardrobes come with mirrored doors, which serve a dual purpose by providing a full-length mirror and making the room appear more spacious.
Clear or frosted glass doors can add a contemporary and elegant touch to the wardrobe while allowing you to see the contents inside. These can also be combined with other materials like wood or metal frames.
Sliding wardrobes often feature wooden panels or veneers, which can be customized in various finishes such as oak, walnut, cherry, or painted finishes to match your room's decor.
Some wardrobes use metal frames for a modern and minimalist look. Aluminum and steel frames are commonly used for their durability and sleek appearance.
Sliding wardrobe doors can come with soft-close mechanisms that prevent them from slamming shut. This adds a touch of luxury and reduces wear and tear on the doors.
Interior lighting can be integrated into the wardrobe, making it easier to see and organize your clothing and accessories. LED strip lighting is a popular choice for this purpose.
Interior fittings like pull-out shelves, shoe racks, tie and belt holders, jewelry trays, and laundry hampers can be added to maximize organization and storage.


These engineered wood products are cost-effective and commonly used for the internal structure and shelves of sliding wardrobes. They can be finished with veneers or laminates.
For a more luxurious and durable option, you can choose solid wood for the wardrobe's construction. It provides a natural, warm look and can be stained or painted in various colors.
Glass panels, either clear or frosted, can be used for the doors. They add a modern touch and allow you to see your clothing. Safety glass is often used for durability.
Aluminum and steel are used for the frame and tracks, providing strength and stability to the sliding doors.
Mirrored glass or acrylic panels are used for mirrored doors. They can be framed in wood or metal.
These are used for finishing surfaces and are available in a wide range of colors and textures to match your style.
High-gloss acrylic panels can provide a sleek and contemporary look to your wardrobe.
Melamine is a cost-effective material commonly used for sliding wardrobe interiors and shelving. It consists of a particleboard or MDF core covered with a melamine resin layer. Melamine panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including wood grain and solid colors. They are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to scratches and stains.
Lacquered finishes involve applying multiple layers of lacquer to MDF or wood surfaces. This creates a smooth and glossy appearance, giving the wardrobe a sleek and modern look. Lacquered finishes are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to match the wardrobe with your room's decor. They are also relatively easy to maintain, requiring periodic cleaning to keep them looking pristine.
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sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 2
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 3
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sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 5
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sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 7
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 8
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 9
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 10
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 11
sliding doors for fitted wardrobes 12
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Explore our custom-built sliding bedroom doors, Expertly crafted to enhance your space at Fitted Sliding Bedrooms. We deliver worldwide. At Fitted Sliding Bedrooms, we specialize in crafting bespoke sliding bedroom doors tailored to your unique style and space requirements. Our doors are expertly designed to maximize your room's potential. Whether you prefer a modern glass finish, classic wood, or something in between, our sliding doors are the perfect solution for your bedroom. We offer global shipping, ensuring our high-quality doors can enhance spaces around the world. Explore our gallery for design inspiration.

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Trade professionals rely on us for premium sliding wardrobe solutions. Our doors are the preferred choice for architects, interior designers, and contractors, ensuring a seamless and stylish addition to any project.
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Discerning homeowners choose our sliding bedroom doors to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their bedrooms. We understand the importance of personalized spaces, and our doors are designed to meet diverse tastes and preferences.
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Our doors are crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Whether you are a trade professional seeking reliable supplies or a homeowner envisioning a dream bedroom, our doors exceed expectations.
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Fitted Sliding Wardrobes

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